‘been there’
        for Marlene 

“I’ve had six operations, been on Tamoxifen for the past 5-10 years with terrible side effects. I’m nauseous daily, and face other treatment challenges, but I’m alive.”
(Marlene Pretorius)

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A double mastectomy for breast cancer strikes at more than the body for any woman.

But the surgery didn’t end there for Marlene Pretorius. She went through reconstruction, removal of the implants after rejection, plus removal of her ovaries. And the severe effects of Tamoxifen also made her decide to shave her hair.

As Marlene endured all this trauma, her husband, Johan, and young primary school aged daughter became her caregivers, sharing her journey every step of the way.

And thanks to friends like you who donate to CANSA, we were privileged to be able to give Marlene the extra support she needed – as she expresses below:

“Everyone involved with CANSA helped me stay brave. They were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. But they also provided me with the opportunity to be a shoulder for other cancer survivors and caregivers to cry on.”

As a CANSA supporter you’re part of a very special circle of giving and receiving. Every donation you give online by clicking here is utilised by CANSA to support someone on their cancer journey and makes a difference, both personally and for their loved ones.

From the time of Marlene’s diagnosis in 2018 until today, you’ve ‘been there’ for her, with the result that she’s been nominated as one of our 2022 Global Heroes of Hope.

You’ve also ‘been there’ for her daughter, Nakita, who is now a teenager and speaks out as a caregiver, inspiring others.

Cancer entered Marlene’s life early with her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, and the loss of aunts and cousins to the disease.

Working for CANSA she didn’t ever imagine that cancer would happen to her – “But when I turned 40, there it was!”

Unsuspected, Marlene’s cancer was only revealed by a breast MRI scan. And Marlene’s concern is that there may be many other women with no symptoms warning them that a tumour may be present, and their lives in danger.

Here again, your donations help to create awareness and give access to testing and early diagnosis – helping to save lives.

There are many ‘cancer stories’, but central to each one is a person who is being supported by your kindness.

And it’s this kindness which we hope that you’ll show again today, by clicking here to make another meaningful donation.

By doing so, you’ll be strengthening the special circle of giving and receiving, and know that you’re playing a significant part in the fight against cancer.

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