Having people like you as a partner in the work of CANSA is a privilege that we don’t take lightly. It’s also something for which we’re deeply grateful.

In many cancer scenarios, your generosity makes huge differences for patients living with cancer, and also for their loved ones.

But more than that. When we’re faced with a new challenge or a dilemma, knowing that we have your back up is what inspires us to solve the problem at hand.


This happened in 2020 when we didn’t know how we could keep our services running through the Covid lockdown. And it was the loyal constancy of friends like you that helped give birth to CANSA’s Tele Counselling, and saved the day.


Now – beyond lockdown, this service continues to be used daily by countless callers. And we want to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ – not only from CANSA but from those callers who’ve received support at the end of a telephone.

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Lwazi Mathivha is one of these people. After a mammogram for suspected breast cancer, her local hospital failed to contact her with the result. 


Stressed and distressed about being in the dark and not knowing whether or not she was facing a life-changing diagnosis, Lwazi eventually used our Tele Counselling Line to see if we could help.


Our advocacy service was able to contact the hospital and Lwazi received a sincere apology from a hospital representative with a promise to follow up.


Lwazi’s letter of gratitude for CANSA’s intervention belongs to you as much as it is addressed to us.

Most of our callers over the past two years have been newly diagnosed cancer patients not receiving any form of support, with no one to turn to. Your donations allow our counsellors to start and continue their cancer journey with them.

Another recent caller said, “I would never have been able to process my grief without being able to speak openly to my tele-counsellor. I was never judged, and always felt supported through what was a deeply healing process and experience.”

 We thank you for allowing me to express my tribute to you. And should you wish to make an extra gift to help more cancer patients and their families, you can conveniently do so by clicking here now.

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