No more needles, no more pain

“This one was by far the
painful, that one was
where the chemo leaked out, and
these here . . .”

(Peter, describing the scars on his hand.)

Knowing you to be the compassionate person that you are, we’d like to share this story with you.
It’s about a chance meeting between a young man who is a cancer survivor and Bobby who is also a cancer survivor and a member of our Tough Living with Cancer team. Below is how Bobby told us about it:
“Thinking back over the past 10 or more years to the last time I had seen him, in my mind’s eye I saw again the young child of about 11, just skin and bone, slumped in a wheelchair.
“I took his hand as we exchanged greetings and was pleasantly surprised by the firmness of his grip.
“As I looked down at his hand I noticed all the scars, and asked him if they were war stories. His reply was, no, they come from ward stories. He was referring to the many times that his young body had been invaded by needles during his treatment.
“My heart was gripped with sorrow at the oh so familiar stories. And then it hit me how very privileged we are today that children can be saved from this trauma thanks to ports and broviacs.”
Bobby’s so right. Instead of the many needle invasions that are part of cancer treatment, a port and broviac requires a one-time simple surgical procedure. This creates a direct line to a large vein near the heart for the painless taking of blood samples, or infusions of drugs and other fluids.
A small child can’t understand the reasons for the needles used in lifesaving cancer treatment. And anyone who has had the experience will tell you that witnessing a child’s hysterical distress at the sight of yet another needle is unbearable. Small as they are, screaming and crying, they will resist by physically fighting off the medical staff.
A port and broviac prevents all that trauma. But it comes at a cost of around R4 500.
Some families can afford one, some have medical aid which will pay, and the State can only provide a few. This leaves countless children with cancer at the mercy of needles.
As we tell you about this situation of need, the festive season is just around the corner. And we all know that it’s a time for children.
You already have a heart of compassion. But if you also have a heart for children, and a heart for the generosity of the season of goodwill, please will you click here to send your donation to help provide more ports and broviacs for young cancer 
Whilst toys, clothes and treats are nice to have, your gift to a child having cancer treatment will mean no more needles, and no more pain.
Please will you help?
All you have to do is click here now to make your donation, and we will do the rest.
Your kindness will make the world of difference for a child fighting for his or her life.

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