How does it begin?

A cancer diagnosis is always a shock, and usually comes with a name that’s totally unfamiliar.

In Duduzile Myeni’s case, the name that began her cancer journey was Myeloma.
Myeloma is a disease of the blood-forming cells. One of these is plasma cells, a type of white blood cell which can become cancerous, and then grow everywhere where there is red bone marrow.

Duduzile feeling the love of donors
at our Mkhuhla Care Home.

Whilst not yet considered totally curable, Myeloma can be controlled for many years with treatment, lengthening a patient’s life.

And if a patient lives close to a hospital which gives that treatment, they’re very fortunate.

The hospital treating Duduzile is in Durban,

but she lives with her husband, Bekhithemba,

more than 100Km away in Mandini. This distance

means travel and accommodation costs

on a regular basis.

Thanks to CANSA friends who donate to support our services, one of these services is our Care Homes.


And it’s the Mkhuhla Care Home in Durban that came to the rescue of Duduzile and Bekhithemba, who is her primary caregiver.


Whilst they had to find the transport money for each treatment trip, the huge relief and sense of gratitude was knowing that they would have a home away from home where they could stay, thanks to donations from friends made online via our website.

Duduzile and her husband Bekhithemba.

This was especially so when Duduzile lost her sight

during the stresses of chemotherapy,

and Mkhuhla Care Home was a familiar

and ever caring environment.

Today, Duduzile has had her sight restored to one eye, with surgery on the other eye to take place soon, and the Myeloma is being managed by ongoing treatment.

It may not take much imagination for you to put yourself in the situation that Duduzile and Bhekithemba found themselves from the day of diagnosis through the year that followed.

And it may make the value of your donations very real for you by knowing that you’ll be helping to cover the cost of supporting a patient at a CANSA Care Home.

Our hope is that both these realizations

may inspire you to make your donation,

kindness and generosity to someone

on their journey with cancer.

Your kindness and generosity make all the difference,
starting with knowing that someone cares. Someone like you.

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