What to do?

Households! In every household there are

basic items which are used day after day,

and we take them for granted.

But at some time, we look at them and have to acknowledge that they are at the very least ‘tired’, or desperately need replacement or additions.

Our CANSA Care Homes are the same as your household and mine.


At a recent examination of our Care Homes, this situation stared us in the face.


But what to do? Where to find the money for replacement and additions?

And today, we’d like to invite you to click here right now to join an exclusive group of CANSA friends, our Investors’ Circle. Our Investors’ Circle are special donors who always come to the rescue when a significant amount of money is needed.

Would you please consider coming to the rescue by making your donation here?

The thing is – it’s not for the benefit of CANSA that your help is needed, but for the patients we serve in our Care Homes.

Lynette Lagardien from Paarl in the Western Cape was one of these patients.

In 2017 Lynette underwent surgery for colon cancer which had already spread to her liver. All was well until 2020. Then shockingly, the cancer came back, requiring more major surgery and treatment.

It was during this critical time that we accommodated Lynette at our Tygerberg CANSA Care Home – a time when she really needed to be lovingly and holistically looked after.

So along with giving our emotional, nutritional and spiritual support, offering someone like Lynette the very best home-from-home conditions and comfort is the least we can do for them.

The love and care we offer is always there and given freely, but the home-from-home quality comforts are now failing us.


Lynette Lagardien

Over time, bed linen becomes thin with too many mended patches. Blankets become threadbare. Towels lose their softness and absorption power. Duvet inners become lumpy and stained. Mattresses no longer give proper body support. As needs increase – we’re finding that we don’t have enough beds. And for some of the homes a washing machine and tumble drier would be an absolute blessing.

We’re sure you’ll agree with us . . .

our CANSA Care Home patients deserve better than this.

And they can have better if you’ll click here right now

to make your donation, and join our Investors’ Circle.

As soon as your donation is received we’ll put it straight into replacing worn-out essential items in our eight care homes around the country.

Your gift will make a huge difference. Thank you.

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