Cancer patients express their thanks during COVID-19

We wish that space would allow us to share all the messages of gratitude, but here are just a few of them.

From Mandi Venter (mother of a child with cancer): “Thank you for all the support that you’re giving, not only to me, but to all onco families every day. Your support and messages on the TLC WhatsApp group; being there for us emotionally in dealing with the stress; checking on us every day to see if we’re OK, are why we appreciate you so much. Not everyone understands, but you do – we’re blessed to have you.”


From George Bindeman: “I was shattered by my cancer diagnosis at the beginning of 2020, it made me feel that my life was over. Then came lockdown, with nobody allowed to visit me. The moral support over the telephone from CANSA was really appreciated.”


From Nonkqubela Bonkolo: “I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months after my graduation as a social worker. I was traumatised, but referral to a CANSA oncology social worker helped me a lot, including access to a prosthesis, since I was unemployed. I’m currently a volunteer under her wing, giving back on what was done for me.”

From Yolande Pienaar: “As a breast cancer survivor, when I was diagnosed with metastasis to the lungs, I immediately called CANSA and found that I had a new ‘family’. My relapse was quite serious, and whenever anything worried us, the social worker was only a phonecall away. Whilst I was in ICU, she did counselling with my husband and children. The advice was always practical and helpful.”


From Tembela Kraai: “I would like to say ‘thank you’, for assisting my father-in-law. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, unfortunately at a late stage. But CANSA provided us with essentials like a mattress and a walker, as well as information. The experience has ignited the interest in me to serve others as a volunteer, especially men about the importance of early testing of prostate.”

From Reina Slomp (mother of 17 year old Nicole who died of Ewings Sarcoma): “Instead of only providing a service, CANSA gave us unconditional love and support, and for that I will always consider CANSA as part of my family.”


The CANSA family includes you for your moral support.

From the wife of Bertus Steenkamp: “When Bertus was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, all his organs were already affected. We weren’t prepared for the physical and emotional rollercoaster ride, and quickly learnt how cancer affects the whole family, not only the patient. What meant so much were the visits from the various CANSA professionals and volunteers. We could cry from exhaustion, sorrow and anything else, and they cried with us. We knew that we weren’t alone. CANSA provides an anchor in the cancer storm.”


From Danie van Tonder: “In January 2020 when my wife needed home care, CANSA went out of their way to ensure that we had absolutely everything to make her as comfortable as possible. Sadly, my wife lost her fight against cancer three months later – but ‘thank you’ is too little to really express our appreciation for so much help in our time of need.