CANSA education in action

Cancer is prevalent not only in adults, but also in children, where the warning signs are not always known.

A CANSA TLC team recently hosted talks at a junior school attended by the student leaders from each class (for COVID safety precautions). This resulted in colouring books and crayons being given to the kids in the TLC Paediatric Oncology Wards. Children also have big hearts!

The CANSA Polokwane Paediatric Oncology Ward is one of our TLC units. Situated at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital in the province of Limpopo, it offers in-house accommodation to parents, guardians and caregivers of children undergoing cancer treatment in the ward.

The facility has 33 beds for children in three large wards, and six isolation rooms. An extra 20 beds allow mothers to sleep in the ward to be close to and support their children.

Since opening, the space provides consulting rooms for a Paediatric Oncologist, and has expanded to include a school classroom, library, and out-patient facility.

Even though meals are provided by the hospital, supplies run short and special needs, along with nausea, need to be catered for.

Catering for children from Limpopo province and neighbouring countries, the ward faces daily challenges and is in need of volunteers and sponsors. If you’d like to support our TLC team, please click here.