How 40 Bibis Turned Into 64

Turning 40 isn’t too old to have a toy on your gift wish list!
This was the decision of Mario du Toit from the Vaal Triangle who wanted to celebrate his milestone 40th birthday in a different way by asking for 40 Bibis.
If you’ve never encountered a Bibi, it’s a giraffe shaped bed buddy which relieves pressure that can turn into sores when a child has long periods of being confined to bed.
Enthusiasm for Mario’s wonderful idea grew beyond 40 to a total of 64 Bibis being made for the occasion by Odette Koch and her Bibi Hearts team. And they were handed out to happy kids at Mario’s birthday outreach last September, making it a day to remember.
Many of us already have so much, that giving joy to others is a truly rewarding way to celebrate a special occasion. For more on this opportunity, go online to CANSA TLC on