I refuse

By Modiponsho Maema, 17 

Sunflower Children’s Hospice, Bloemfontein             


I refuse to be just another one

To be refused and silenced

I refuse to be a victim of

My own circumstances.  I refuse

To be treated like an outsider

To be tossed aside like an object.


I refuse to be an option;

I refuse to accept fate

Before me, to hold back, to

Surrender to the enemies of my



I refuse to give away my power

And will for life, but more – I refuse

To let life pass me by and

Forget that I have a voice.  I refuse

To say it’s OK when doors have

Been shut on my face; I refuse


To let my dream slip, to be 

An umbrella holder.  Above all I refuse 

To be forgotten; my existence matters.

I refuse to lose hope, to give up

To wipe these tears on my face 

They tell a story of my journey

They tell how far I have come

And how strong I am.  They are

A rainbow of my pride.