Introducing the CANSA Pain Manager App

One of the greatest fears for cancer patients is pain. And for their caregivers the management of pain can be a complicated responsibility.

The wonders of technology improve the quality of all our lives. And now the Pain Manager App comes in to address the important issue of pain.

Sponsored by Pfizer, CANSA in association with the Centre of Community Technology at Nelson Mandela University has launched a free Pain Manager App available on devices such as cellphones, tablets or laptops.

This App was developed to assist patients and caregivers in understanding pain better, locating pain, identifying patterns and intensity of pain, administration of medication correctly and timeously in the management of pain, as well as providing reports that can be exported to medical personnel or oncologists.

Alida Veldsman, one of the first cancer patients to use the App, told us: “Sometimes I forget about things, and the App helps me to record the triggers, etc. It gives me a feeling of control over my cancer and pain. And it’s so easy to use and available at the touch of a button.”

‘Well done and thank you’ to the creators of this App and its sponsor. It will be gratefully used in the ongoing fight against cancer.