Melanoma in top five cancers


Melanoma (a form of skin cancer) ranks the fifth most prevalent cancer in men, and sixth most prevalent amongst women in South Africa.


We live in a country with plenty of sunshine, and we all need reminding to protect ourselves from overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays which are the main cause of skin cancer.  We should also be aware that all skin tones (light to dark) are vulnerable to skin cancer.


We should all examine ourselves once a month – full body with the help of a loved one to identify moles or irregularities showing change or growth.


FotoFinder screening is available at certain CANSA Care Centres, and booking is essential.  If found necessary, test participants will be referred to a medical practitioner for further investigation.


We encourage all men, women and children to be SunSmart by using an effective sunscreen, applying it correctly, and wearing UV protective garments when outdoors, including a hat.