Some of the many testimonies to your kindness and the differences that you make in the lives of people living with cancer

“As a young mother of a little baby diagnosed with cancer it was hard to accept and deal with. But with CANSA’s continued support, things have become easier and less stressful just knowing that there’s someone who cares.” (Mother of a child in TLC care)

“The CANSA volunteer was a true angel. A definite blessing for my father who suffered from liver cancer, as well as my sister and myself as we cared for him in his last days. She did her utmost to help us in these trying times, and we’ll be forever grateful.” (The Human family)

“CANSA is there for me giving me support and helping me to hold on to hope.” (R. Venter)

“CANSA stood by us as a family in those last midnight hours. We just want to say ‘thank you’ for the beautiful and loving way in which you supported us. May you be blessed with good health and energy in going forward with your mission of caring.” (The Steyn Family)

“I was blessed to have been a resident at CANSA Tipuana Care Home for the duration of my treatment and follow up visits. The CANSA staff as well as the other patients were all part of my healing process. Today, I can only pray that all cancer patients have the same support that I had.” (Henk Hills)

“Thank you all for the words of encouragement, the support group community really does make a big difference in how we make sense of everything. It makes me feel that I’m not alone in the struggle that no one understands unless they’ve walked through it.” (Melissa Manaia)

“We’d like to thank the CANSA volunteers who always took the time to check in on our son by means of visits, calls, messages, etc. whilst having cancer and going through chemo and radiation treatments. Our son, Jason, is in remission now, and we are forever grateful for your support.” (Marianna and Steven English)

“I’ve been in remission for the past 16 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer. From the first day of my operation in December 2004, a CANSA volunteer was there for me. When I joined CANSA in Nelspruit I learned how much CANSA really cares for their volunteers and survivors.” (Global Hero of Hope, Christell Strauss)

“Your counselling was extremely helpful and I wouldn’t have been able to process my grief without it. I felt free to share my story and be understood on my path. The space of trust allowed me to speak openly without ever feeling any judgment, only support. It was a deeply healing experience.” (Bereavement Counselling Recipient)

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