Thank You!

Thank you for caring, friend.


Most of the good things that happen in the world begin because someone cares.  And those good things grow, because more people follow their example of caring.


The next step to caring is giving.  Acting from compassion, reaching out, giving moral support, and sending a donation towards resources and support as you’ve just done.  


Thank you for caring, and thank you for giving.


Along with Mariska, there’s another young cancer survivor that you might like to know about.  His name is Fortune Monama, and at age 12 he was a very sick child who spent a long and lonely time in our TLC oncology ward.


Drawing on the courage of his big heart and the support that came from friends like you, Fortune is now 21 years old and studying medicine at Wits University.  And in his free time you’ll often find him in that same TLC ward, encouraging the young patients and their families. 


Like you, Fortune cares, and gives – making good things happen in the world.  I thank both of you.


Yours sincerely

Elize Joubert

Chief Executive Officer