The ABC of early melanoma detection

Sonia Katzenberg

Melanoma is the most deadly of the three types of skin cancer, with early detection being the key to successful treatment.

Awareness is covered by doing your own regular full body checks. This should include getting help to include those not easily seen areas like the scalp, buttocks and back, and using the simple ABC of Melanoma identification.

A is for Asymmetry, or the sides of the mole being differently shaped.
B is for Borders of the mole being irregular.
C is for Colour that’s not uniform.
D is for Diameter. Anything reaching a size larger than the eraser head of a pencil should be investigated.
E stands for Elevation – when a flat mole becomes raised.
F refers to anything ‘Funny looking’.

Besides doing your own body checks, it’s wise to also be periodically checked by a qualified dermatologist, especially if you’re someone who is prone to moles, or have already had instances of treatment for sun damage.

This ABC can save lives.

Sonia Katzenberg has been successfully living with melanoma for over fifteen years.

She remembers feeling invincible as a young person, and not taking care of her skin – falling asleep in the sun around the pool and never giving sunburn a thought. She says, “it’s only when melanoma happens and you come face to face with a message you don’t want to hear, that life suddenly becomes precious”.