The Home Guides to Management of Pain

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Our new Home Guides – for the management of pain in both children and adults is the latest way in which you’ve helped.

Cancer is often associated with pain, and this can be true, but what is it? Pain is largely an unpleasant sensation that varies from mild to extreme discomfort and distress. It can be specific to one part of the body or feel as though it’s all over the body.

Unchecked, pain affects sleeping patterns, moods, energy levels, and overall quality of life, making everything more difficult. Everyone has the right to have their pain treated effectively, and these guides are to help parents and individuals work closely with their healthcare professionals to find the right management plan.

The guides have been drawn up by professional medical practitioners in clear and straightforward language, with helpful scale and site identification diagrams. They also answer frequently asked questions and dispel myths. See more at:

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