Twenty years of shaving, spraying or donating

Origin: In 2003, Simon Clark, the first person to organise a Shavathon event, arranged 50 events in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth).  The first unofficial Shavathon took place at the ‘Crazy Zebra’ in Gqeberha.  Hosted by a local biker group, the initiative was started to show support for a member affected by cancer, and this is still the focus of the event today.


We love each one of them – those people who respond to our annual Shavathon event. 


The ones who come with hair, and go home with none.  The ones who change their hair colour to show their support.  And the ones who sacrifice their long locks to give cancer survivors a beautiful wig to wear until their own hair grows again.  Let’s also not forget those people who come by and make their supportive financial donation to the occasion.


Grateful thanks to all who participated this year.