Your heart went out to children with cancer – thank you

Most of us would do whatever is needed to save a child from pain and trauma.

You did exactly that when we asked for your support to provide Broviac Ports. You sent your donation, and combined with the donations from other CANSA friends like you, we were able to deliver your ports to several paediatric oncology units.

These included Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Polokwane, Frere Provincial Hospital in East London, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital and others.

From the Pietersburg Hospital in Limpopo, Dr Wedi expressed her deep gratitude for how the ports improve the quality of life and treatment of their child patients, and their caregivers.

From Port Elizabeth’s Provincial Hospital, Dr Mathews shared how reliant they are on the donation of the ports which take the trauma out of delivering life-saving chemotherapy, blood products, and intravenous treatments like antibiotics. The Broviac Ports also prevent the breakdown of children’s delicate veins.

Instead of needles being inserted into veins with difficulty time and time again, the Broviac Port only requires a one- time surgical procedure. This procedure links an external catheter under the skin, linking it to a major blood vessel – most often in the chest. It is then in place for future intravenous treatments, without pain or distress.

Sometimes families can afford to buy a Broviac Port for their child, or their medical aid will do so. But for the vast majority of paediatric oncology patients, a Broviac is totally out of reach. Perhaps you can imagine the relief and gratitude when friends like you make these ports available.

The thanks and appreciation from the above hospitals and their young patients, belong to you. Every Broviac Port delivered was made possible by your compassionate generosity. And here at CANSA, we add our thanks to theirs.