You’re appreciated more than words can say

Your commitment to care and generosity in so many ways towards individuals and families living with cancer is appreciated more than words can say – but all we have is words. And we’d like to share some of these with you.

From Andre, Francina and Dominique after their stay at CANSA Tipuana Care Home:

“Seldom does one find, much less expect a ‘home away from home’ and even less so when undergoing cancer treatment. Tipuana’s helpful and understanding staff, nutritious meals, proximity to amenities and lovely accommodation all make one feel truly ‘at home’. My deepest and most sincere thanks.”

“I came to Tipuana like a frightened puppy, and the loving reception was so unexpected that it reduced me to tears. I couldn’t have asked for better friends at the time. Their helpfulness and the way they listened took away my fear. May God bless everyone at Tipuana Care Home.”

“Who would think that there could be an up-side to the most traumatic time in one’s life? Everyone at Tipuana makes the time of cancer treatment a positive journey. They have my grateful thanks and respect for what they do.”

Other messages of appreciation:

“You didn’t know us, but within minutes you helped with a wheelchair, hospital bed, sheepskin and special mattress. You made us feel like family.”

“The tele-counselling was extremely helpful. I wouldn’t have been able to process my grief without it.”

“I wouldn’t want to imagine where we would be without CANSA’s help from day one.”

“You provide love and hope throughout the cancer journey.”

Support like yours makes so many different kinds of help possible. ‘Thank you’ – these two little words are sincerely and eternally meant.

*All photos taken pre-COVID.